I.V Music Group (IVM) is about indie music, production & artist development. It has always been a labor of love but has definitely had its successes. It was started in 2005 by artist & songwriter Roger Gisborne hailing from UK and his music industry professional indie lawyer wife Anita Rivas Gisborne from California, It’s soul purpose was and still is to create and develop music in the style we personally would write, produce and record ourselves. We are super huge fans of music from the 60’s music Beatles,Stones & The Who, Bacharach, retro Soul such as Motown and of course we love our 80’s post punk & 90’s Britrock or Shoegaze. We are proud of being a niche label and do it because we dig it!

We run IVM with the same enthusiasm and passion that Alan Mcgee had for Factory Records or Creation or Berry Gordy had for Motown Records and his stable of super talented artists and songwriters, but with the pragmatism and fairness of today’s recent hardworking DIY indie labels.

IVM more than covers the bases for any new or emerging artist or band as we have extensive backgrounds in all aspects of the music industry production, management, music licensing, production, songwriting, artist development as we own two studios in Los Angels, also we even music business affairs as co-owner Anita Rivas is a highly experienced entertainment attorney and business affairs professional.She is UCLA law graduate who has been there countless times to help out independent artists and she is extremely active in artist rights movement.